Autism, SEN parenting

A unique perspective – an autistic child’s view of the world

Children say the funniest things sometimes. They take things literally, ask endless questions and can melt our hearts with their insights and declarations about the world. Individuals with autism can be very literal in the way they interpret language and may not always understand sarcasm or figurative speaking. If you tell an autistic child it’s raining cats and dogs they may well expect pets to fall out of the sky (and be quite concerned about their safety to boot.)

My DS often makes me laugh very hard. “You said Grandad can play the piano by ear Mum but he’s using his fingers”. Sometimes he says things that make me well up with tears – reminding me of his vulnerability. And sometimes, with his unique perspective,  he just damn well hits the nail on the head. 

I encouraged him recently to come and look at the sunset through the window. He climbed up on the bed next to me, stood up and peered out. “Wow ORANGE WIND!” He exclaimed. Yes sweetheart, it is orange wind – isn’t it fantastic? 

The Stoic Mother

Raising a child with a learning disability has many challenges it’s true, but I consider myself extremely blessed to have the pleasure of his unique daily insights. His conversation is completely unfiltered, no social niceties, no unspoken rules. He says what he sees and what he thinks and that is immensely refreshing. 

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