Autism, brain injury, SEN parenting

Christmas for an Autism Sibling

He’s throwing the presents
Screaming, demanding
I’d hide in my shell
If I had one to hide in

The new toys cause trouble
He wants what I have
My room is my bubble
Where he can’t push and shove

My brother is different
His brain’s not the same
I can’t have my turn
when we’re playing a game

I want to play properly
But I just let him win
Because Christmas is harder
For children like him

He’s making more noises
His hands on his ears
He’s making bad choices
He’s raging, in tears

My mum’s sad and tired
She’s tired of trying
She hides it from us
But I think she’s been crying

It’s time for my story
We’re about to begin it
But my brother is calling
She’ll be back in a minute

My brother needs cleaning
The 2nd time this hour
She’s gone more than a minute
He needed a shower

They say Christmas is magic
And I want to believe it
But he’s broken my sleigh bells
Mum says he doesn’t mean it

She says it’s because
He’s not able to face
The excitement of Christmas
He’s all over the place

He wants to see Gran
And he needs his routine
But there are last minute changes
Due to Covid-19

He wasn’t expecting
To be told they can’t come
He can’t bear to wait
And he’s coming undone

He spins in his hammock
When he needs to feel calm
I give him his space
He means me no harm

But his roaring is scary
And I don’t like his swearing
He punches himself
And he bites what he’s wearing

I live for the times
When he grabs hold of my hand
Leads me to his space
Wants me around

Gaming together
Inside the screen
A place where he’s happy
A space in between

The meltdowns and upsets
A space where he’s free
And I’m right there beside him
As I always will be